About the Club

The Spanish Exporters and Investors Club is a multisectorial, non-profit, independent, business association whose objective is to represent and defend the interests of the members in their international activity.

Founded in 1997, the Club has a consolidated position as a leader of internationalization in Spain and is a recognized liaison before the Spanish Administration, as well as before public and private institutions, international organizations and the media.

We are a forum for discussion and knowledge about every aspect regarding the internationalization as a key asset for the competitiveness of the Spanish economy.


  • Competitiveness

    Help improving the competitiveness of Spanish companies in the international markets.

  • Representativeness

    Act as a representative for the member companies before the institutions and facilitate the contact with both national and international authorities, as well as with influential agents in international trade and foreign investment.

  • Networking

    Promote the exchange of information and practical experiences and the creation of consortiums and strategic partnerships among the members.

  • Answers

    Give swift, efficient, transparent answers to any request from our members related with their international activity.

  • Information

    Generate and convey on a regular basis all the information that could be useful for our members.

  • Financial institutions

    Promote the participation of Spanish companies in the activity of the international financial institutions.

  • Image

    Improve the perception of Spanish companies abroad.

  • Excellency

    Promote good business practices in international trade.

  • Sustainability

    Spread and promote the 2030 Agenda and the sustainable development goals among our members.

Our members

The members of the Club are companies with a broad experience in the international markets


Whose joint turnover figure is equivalent to a 20% of Spanish GDP


Of which 40% corresponds to their international business


Their joint workforce amounts for about 800.000 employees


Their abroad investment projects constitute 50% of the Spanish total international investment


Any Spanish company – small, medium or large – that has international activity, either through export or investment, can become a member of the Club. In terms of geographical distribution, the member companies operate in all the regions of the world.